Writing articles is something that most people who are looking to make money do. The thing is, there are loads of different methodologies in this regards. I know of quite a few people who make money by writing for others but there are problems with this. They get fed up writing about things they have no personal experience or interest in. Also, they aren't able to make very much money because there are so many freelance writers in India churning articles out at next to nothing.

So I would suggest that anyone looking to make money writing articles, you are better off writing for your own websites. You probably won't be able to make as much as you like straight away however if you take a longer term outlook, this way of making money is much better.

The problem is that when it comes to how to make money with a website is there are those who preach very different things.

Write About Your Passions - Some will talk about how you should write about what you are passionate. So if you are passionate about collecting antique plungers then this is what you should write about. Where the difficultly lies is that there might not be that many people who share your passion.

So what happens if you spend hundreds of hours writing about antique plungers only to find that a mere 5 people a month search for antique plungers? If you are going to get so little in the way of searchers you will not make a decent amount of income.

Write About Topics You Know Nothing About - The complete opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to making money writing articles is to write about things they have no idea about but could bring in a lot of searchers and therefore money. This means that people end up writing about hair loss, acne and bad credit loans.

The problem is that if you don't know anything about these subjects and you haven't got any personal experience in them, you could end up writing total junk. You end up just rewriting articles that might have been rewritten from other sources. The end product is simply junk and you could be giving misinformation
Worse still, many people choose to write junk on purpose. They will write hundreds of words of pure fluff that tells the searcher nothing informative. The articles can also be littered with spelling mistakes and poor grammar - on purpose. The articles might even have been written by a computer program.

The idea is that if the article tells the searcher nothing about what they are looking for, they will simply click on an advert in hopes that the ad will provide them with what they are looking for. More money can be made this way, until, that is, the search engines decide to deindex you for providing crappy articles.

When this happens your traffic will grind to a halt and you will make absolutely zilch. Nada. Niente. Nothing.

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